The moment that turns your values upside down

The characteristics and impact of quantum moments in one’s life are described in Dr Dyer’s book The Shift: From Ambition to Meaning.

Quantum moments or epiphanies are admittedly very important in one’s live as they bring enlightenment and transformation. In his best-selling book The Shift: Taking your Life from Ambition to Meaning, Dr W. Dyer describes the characteristics of a quantum moment.

What is a Quantum Moment?

According to Dr Dyer, quantum moments lead to a more meaningful life. It is said that a quantum moment brings a shift in awareness and leads to personal transformation. A person, who experiences a quantum moment, moves from an ego -driven life perspective to a spiritual balanced and more authentic life.

A quantum moment has four qualities as described in the book Quantum Changes: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary lives by Miller and C’de Baca:

  1. It is vivid and intense; once one experiences a quantum moment, it stays with him/her for ever.
  2. It is surprising, unexpected, uninvited and unforeseen; it comes from a collaboration of synchronicity and serendipity that astonish people; for one to experience a quantum moment, he/she needs to surrender; he/she needs to be ready and then the quantum moment may occur. Dr Dyer supports that a quantum moment happens often after a fall in life.
  3. It is benevolent: peaceful and blissful, serene.
  4. It is enduring: it never goes away.

Values Before and After a Quantum Moment

Dyer presents the result of a research over the ranking of the most valued personal characteristics for men and women before and after they have experienced a shift of consciousness, or quantum moment in their lives.

Before the shift or quantum moment when men where in their ego/ambition time, they valued more:

  1. wealth/making money,
  2. sense of adventure,
  3. sense of achievement,
  4. personal pleasure,
  5. to be respected.

After the shift, while awakening and entering the meaning time of their lives, they valued :

  1. spirituality/relationship to God (before very low in the list),
  2. personal peace,
  3. family,
  4. God’s will,
  5. honesty.

Accordingly, the most valued personal characteristics for women before the shift were:

  1. family,
  2. sense of independence,
  3. career,
  4. fitting in,
  5. being attractive.

After the shift, they valued more:

  1. personal growth,
  2. self esteem,
  3. sense of spirituality,
  4. happiness,
  5. generosity.

Quantum Moments Help People to Live Their Dharma

According to Dr Dyer, quantum moments help people fulfil their Dharma. It is argued that people should live in the process and not in the outcome of things, and that they should be in the moment. Dyer urges people to have the ambition to fulfil their Dharma, and get rid of their attachments to the material stuff.

Abraham Joshua Heshel said that a meaningful life is a life of value to someone else. Albert Schweitzer also said that people should raise their natural relation to the world to a spiritual one so they can learn to think how God thinks. Dyer says that if people extend “a how may I serve attitude to the universe”, the universe will extent “a how may I serve you attitude to them”.

According to Tao, people should dissolve all ties to duality, conflict and dogma along with their shallow ambitions. Dr Dyer says that if people connect to their energy and to the divine realm through high awareness and practice of undiscriminating virtue, they will bring the transmission of the ultimate subtle truths of the universe. He argues that people should dissolve all ties to the material world and connect to the divine realm so they can receive guidance from the divine.

Find Meaning and Guidance

Dr Dyer shows the importance of a quantum moment so people can shift to meaning and spirituality and live in harmony with everything and everyone around. Dyer teaches that happiness and meaning is a matter of attitudinal energy that is generated within ourselves, and the best way to release this energy is by practicing kindness and selflessness.


The Shift: Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, 2010, by Hay House Australia Pty Ltd

written by : Dimitrios Papalexis – Dimitrios is a Writer, Therapist and Motivational Speaker who hopes to inspire his readers and audience so they can live their life with

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  1. Who did the research of the Value Changes after The Shift?

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